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Technical Features
  • Average output 300-900 cases/hour.
  • Adjustments by graduated handwheels.
  • Installed power 1 KW
Box sizes
  1. Min 220mm Max 500mm
  2. Min 150mm Max 400mm
  3. Min 150mm Max 450mm
  4. Dati Tecnici
washing under crown

Automatic Taping Machines MSC-AVC

The MSC-AVC model is a fully automatic box taping machine, with flap closers, to seal with adhesive tape the lower and upper part of the variable format of American type cardboard box.

The body structure can be made of stainless steel or painted carbon steel.
The closure of the four flaps is made using mechanical twist mechanisms and tires.

The cardboard boxes are driven by motorized side belts.

The machine is adjustable in height and width with an LCD panel managed by a Siemens plc.

Taping unit with adhesive tape (300x50mm) in PP or PVC. Signalling and machine stop in case of tape end or breakage.

Hot melt glue sealing version also available.


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Telephone and Fax

+39 0521 1402910