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conveyor belts

Conveyor Belts

The company MEIND keeps continuously updated with the new technologies for the design and manufacturing of conveyor belts. It has, in fact, a very versatile and modular production for the conveying of: packs, boxes, bottles, cartons, brick, bakery products, meat, grated cheese, cacao, pallets, seeds. It also has a wide range of complementary equipment to be used in the production lines.

The design and the manufacturing of our products are carried out according to the technical and production needs of our specific sector, such as reliability, sturdiness, maximum safety, easy and low maintenance.

Our experience and professionalism allow us to perfectly integrate the mechanical, electrical and electronic design through the use of PLCs.
We also guarantee a very easy management of the line with a reduced staff thanks to the use of frequency variators and of personalized software.


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+39 0521 1402910