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special machines

Special Machines

MEIND produces special innovative machines according to the client requirements. Our machines are of several types.
We evaluate the different needs and make a preliminary study (feasibility and costs evaluation).

We design the machine and its application by keeping a close contact and collaboration with the client along all different phases.

We deliver the machine complete of the following components:

  • Mechanical.
  • Pneumatic.
  • Electrical.
  • Control software.

Supervision and final start-up are also included.

Drying/Heating infrared tunnels

Drying/heating system with infrared radiators, automatic temperature control and forced ventilation.
With this application different type of seeds are treated, such as corn, barley and rape.

After receiving an anti bacterial (humid) treatment, the product is taken into the tunnel.
Here it is dried by a system of infrared radiators automatically controlled by optical-fibre sensors that keep the desired temperature.
The drying/heating treatment is very important to accelerate the packaging process and for the optimal product warehousing.

This kind of machine can be used both for food products (e.g. bakery) – (in this case the stainless steel version has to be used) or for any material having to be pre-heated.


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