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elevators and lowerators

Elevators & lowerators

The operating system of these conveying lines adapts not only to the standard vertical or leaning elevators/lowerators, but also to different paths such as climining over transit areas, overturning of containers etc.

These conveyors are suitable for different applications and can convey containers of different materials (e.g. metal, cardboard, plastic), size and shape.

Containers are clutched by rubber pads of different mixture and shape according to the type of product to be handled. pads are held by a double steel chaindriven into two sliding guides made of self lubricating plastic material. The two chains are adjustable simultaneously and simmetrically, along the conveyor by one small handwhell for different sizes of containers.

The frame can be either made of stainless steel or of painted steel, has four adjustable ground supports and can be manufactered in different shapes according to the required application.

All conveyors are equipped with a varispeed motor and safety clutch joint.
Chain speed: up to 60 meters/min.
Difference in height: max 9000 mm
Elettric power: 0.75- 4 kw


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